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These are some of our recent astute or sarcastic observations

Miami Beach Condo Market Not Hot Not Cold Not So Fast

What's wrong with this market? Well, nothing if you're buying as one of the top 5% or 1%. You know, rich and famous, or at least quite wealthy. The luxury, large and spacious condos in Miami Beach have risen in price but that does not a market profile make. Overall, the Miami Beach condo market has slipped both in median price and number of sales. What's going on? htt [...]

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Jupiter Bay Condo Sales

Jupiter Bay Condos For Sale What could be better than a place near the shore, surrounded by exuberant tropical landscaping, and a nature preserve with a lake? The Jupiter Bay condominium community offers resort-style dwellings loaded with benefits and recreation. More about Jupiter Bay Condos for sale: The community is exceptional as i [...]

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West Palm Beach Homes

West Palm Beach Homes West Palm Beach homes offer a combination of historic, contemporary and planned community type neighborhoods from the eastern most part at the waterfront of the Intracoastal waters west to State Road 7 where many gated communities lie. You can explore West Palm Beach real estate listings at and condos at  [...]

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How Do You Get Someone To Buy Real Estate With You

What are you doing with social media? Is it just some kind of new problem for you? Here's the thing. You need money because you need visibility. If You need to spend that money on marketing. How are you going to grow your business? How do you get in front of more people? How do you get those people to want to do business with you now? You have to take ideas and concepts and bri [...]

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Are You Watching Just Your Words Or Your Intent In Real Estate Marketing?

When it comes to article length there is no end to the discussion and masses are taking sides about whether 1000 or 2000 word articles are now the normal requirement for SEO. No way is Google going to simply be defined by content length. Look up real estate marketing and the results are in descending order pretty much by length of page content. Look up real estate for [...]

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Trust Aggregation Model
Introduction of Trust Aggregation Model for search marketing and Google trust factors in SEO
Trust Aggregation Model
Written by: SEO Dave
Date Published: 08/14/2015
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