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October 22, 2015

How Do You Get Someone To Buy Real Estate With You

What are you doing with social media? Is it just some kind of new problem for you? Here’s the thing. You need money because you need visibility. If You need to spend that money on marketing. How are you going to grow your business? How do you get in front of more people? How do you get those people to want to do business with you now? You have to take ideas and concepts and bring them to the marketplace and push them they see value and will give you money. When value exceeds price then people will buy things and give you money. This includes houses whether are are those houses are in West Palm Beach or Palo Alto.

If you don’t have money, by the way, you can’t grow your business so don’t tell me money isn’t the most important thing in business.

Why aren’t houses selling like you want in your market? Worse yet, houses are selling in your market but they are not selling for you because you’re not getting any of the deals. Well the problem is that you are obscure. Nobody knows who you are. At some price a house will sell and at some price it will quit selling but you’re not even in there so how do you get somebody to buy from you. What do you do with all the tools online? Twitter, Facebook? You may not even have an account in those places but you have to push into that space and dominate it. Have you been “educated” that competition is healthy? It ain’t. No way. You must dominate whatever market you’re in by being seen and wiping out competition. That’s what SEO does for you online.

selling real estate palm beach to palo alto with SEO